Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 7: The Fastest Way to Look Up Your Go-To Recipe

When it comes to my favorite muffins, I want to be always ready to whip them up. I don't want to have to look in my recipe folder, I don't want to turn on the computer, or look the recipe up on a device. So here is what works for me:
I've taped the recipe on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.

All I need to do now is just crack the cabinet door a little, and there it is. Sometimes, I don't even read the whole recipe, I just scan the ingredients for the correct amounts of sugar, etc.

In my everyday life, I don't even notice that the recipe is there, and since this little piece of paper is taped to the inside of the cabinet door, it in no way disrupts the calm of just white cupboard doors on the outside.

Here is the recipe and the muffin post. While the post is in Latvian, it does also feature a picture of a stunning succulent!

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  1. Jesse's grandma did that too! That just means you are classic. What a wonderful idea :-)

  2. Very clever! man arī bija doma visu to mērvienību tabulu, cik gramu ir i Ēk cukura utt, arī ielīmēt iekšā. Tu mani iedvesmoji! IL

    1. Super, es taa priecajos! :) Tik jauzmanas, lai tajas pusvertajas durvis neieskrien ar pieri :)