Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 29: Why Is There Sand in My Handbag?

Today's abundance tip is this:
whenever you can, empty your handbag at the end of the day. Nine times out of ten, you'll thank yourself for doing so.

I came to this realization one day when I was pawing through my bag in search of something and suddenly I felt sand there, rough grains of sand.

Why is there sand in my handbag?, I thought. There was no sand, but I had put a couple of digestive cookies in my bag "for later", cookies that I had forgotten about and carried with me for a good week or two, during which they'd crumbled to "sand".

When you empty your bag at night, you'll often find:
- food that can be popped in the fridge and eaten later
- an important receipt that you want to save
- some brochure or other piece of paper that you want to read later, but won't get around to for a while and will probably keep on carrying with you for a while (paper weighs a lot)
- your planner that you needed to take a look at anyway
- your overstuffed wallet (edit!)
- your phone that needs charging
- shoes (need to be aired)
- random tissues or handkerchiefs
- a water bottle that needs to be rinsed out
and much, much more.

I hope you feel abundance next time you have the energy to give your bag the once over (I'm not saying empty your bag completely and shake it out every night, a once over is enough). The feeling of abundance - if not immediately as you're unpacking the bag (old plastic wrapper from some sandwiches, nice), then the morning after, when you pick up your bag on your way out the door and feel that you did something seemingly small, but important, for yourself.

Here are two things that I also often carry with me: this, and this. I read in a glossy ladies' magazine that some women carry hard-boiled eggs in their purses for the perfect power snack on the go. I have yet to try this. I am fascinated (a hard-boiled egg in your handbag, really? A quick snack between those meetings? Almost the same as whipping out an apple, yeah?), but I am not saying no.

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  1. I never carried a bag until Abner came along but I do give his bag a once over when we get home each time I take it out. Great advice! It does make a difference. The few times I haven't checked it I've ended up with a molding curdling cup something setting in there for days. Yuck!