Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2: The One Thing to Carry in Your Make-Up Bag (Besides a Band-Aid, a Tiny Hairbrush, and Pain-Relief)

This is something I learned from my fabulous Mom - always carry some chocolate with you, especially if you just thought, "yes, but I'm trying to eat healthier", or if you, like me, are not even very into chocolate.
Here's what a couple of squares of chocolate can do for you:

Best case scenario, you'll eat the chocolate in some fabulous setting like when you're on a flight and you get a cup of coffee, and a piece of chocolate is just what would make the moment absolutely perfect.

"Worst" case scenario, you'll remember/discover you have the chocolate when you're stuck somewhere and can't get food for a while.

For me, dark chocolate works best. Whenever I'm in Latvia, I get these Laima (the biggest and oldest brand of Latvian chocolate) ones, because of the double happiness booster: I get a sweet treat, and it makes me think of home.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Also, the actual bag of necessities that I carry with me is much larger than this little sequined one.

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  1. Your Mom must be a very smart person:) And the funny thing is - having a piece of something sweet with you minimizes a need to have it; you just know that you are always on the safe side, just in case. But in general - cholocate, especially silky milk chocolate is among the best things one can have:) Happy chocolate!

  2. I'm putting a little Dove chocolate square in my purse now! Good idea.

  3. Brilliant but I've never carried a bag (I'm a freak of nature)
    I guess I could put chocolate in little Abe's bag now that I have to carry one for him. haha