Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 24: Smooth Moves

Today's abundance tip: if you would like to be happy for almost the entire time while you vacuum the floor, do this -
replace the glider pads of your vacuum cleaner. Glider what? The small pieces of felt-like fabric that were once glued to the hard, flat plastic areas of your vacuum cleaner nozzle. The soft pieces that are now probably so worn out they're hardly even attached anymore.

I've done this a couple of times, and the effect of this tiny action is fantastic. Suddenly, the vacuum and I glide around. It feels almost like an infomercial. (Note that glider pads of this type work best on hard floors, like linoleum or wood. Carpet vacuuming is different.)

This time, I did not try to find glider pads that would be an exact or a close match to my vacuum cleaner model. I bought the cheapest glider pad pack that I could find (at the grocery store), and just improvised with sticking the tiny grey felt-like pieces on the nozzle.

I had prepared the nozzle by removing whatever was left of the old glider pads, and I also made sure the plastic was free of any dust or dirt. I stuck the self-adhesive pieces on, and then decided to wait at least overnight so that the glue would really take (not sure if it was necessary, but it made sense to wait).

Also, I am saving the "skeleton" (the part of the glider pad that was left over once I removed all the pre-cut pieces, you can see it in the baggie in the picture above) - there is glue on the back of the entire square, so I'll just cut out creative pieces when it's time to replace some worn out ones.

Bonus abundance tip today: All this glue talk reminded me of a great book by Marina Lewycka, We Are All Made of Glue. I absolutely loved it. If you're looking for a book that will feel like you have a smart and compassionate friend to come home to, this book is it.

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  1. Nu tu mana saimniecīte, ko tikai tu visu proti un dari! Varētu doties komandējumā uz manām mājām:)