Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 21: Create

Every fall my city organizes a Culture Night. It's free, open for all, and this one-night festival has grown so much over the years that you could walk around all night and there would still be new surprises to discover. One of the most striking pieces I saw this year was this -
Nature's Haute Couture by Daunfeldt & Smedeby / Floristutbildarna
a flower dress made by Ellika Daunfeldt and Emelie Smedeby of the florist school Floristutbildarna. The piece is called "Nature's Haute Couture", and it was on display at our art museum. I just love all the details, and I am in awe of all this creativity.
Flower dress by Daunfeldt & Smedeby
Below is the front of the dress, with a few more details:
those two soft grasses on the shoulder strap - so beautiful.
Nature's Haute Couture by Daunfeldt & Smedeby 2014
I am so grateful that I got to see this piece live. Today's abundance thought is this:
when someone makes something that takes your breath away, enjoy it - every morsel, take it all in, because this enjoyment will make you create something amazing in turn.

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  1. Neparasti un ļoti skaisti. Un piekrītu, ka iespēja redzēt to "dzīvajā" visu padara vēl īpašāku. Paldies, ka padalījies.

    1. Tas divas smilgas uz pleca man liekas tik skaistas!