Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 1: The One Kitchen Item It Really Pays Off to Have Clean

Welcome to 31 Days to More Abundance!
We each have our own definition of abundance. To me, abundance is the feeling of having plenty, accompanied by a certain calm and gratefulness. Abundance to me is also about the feeling of mastery, or "life hacks" - the little things that make you feel like "I've got this".

How can we create more abundance, right now? That's what I'll be thinking about for the next 30 days.

For me, a big part of feeling abundance in my life is creating a loving, soothing feeling for my future self. You know those times when you think to yourself, "I better do this now, because I probably won't have time to do it later, or I will feel rushed and I'll probably forget"?

Then, when the moment comes and you happen to be rushed, the gratefulness that washes over you when you discover that you've thought ahead - you've put the keys by the door, for example, or - here comes one of my favorite tips - the one kitchen item it really pays off to have clean.
Have a clean frying pan waiting for when you get home. For me, a clean frying pan is often the difference between a quick warm meal, and sandwich night. There's nothing wrong with sandwich night, but an omelette and sandwiches, or sauteed zucchini and cheese sandwiches sound so much better when I'm thinking about dinner as I head home.

This tip works for pots, also, and the aloe plant is there just for show.

See you tomorrow for Day 2 to More Abundance!

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  1. GREAT tip! I almost always have to wash a pan before dinner (I only have one I use so if I don't wash it right after I use it I have to wash it before I use it). Looking forward to your 31 posts :-)

    1. :) and I'm OK with letting the pan sit out unwashed overnight (what is really going to happen?), but I'll try to wash it in the morning.

  2. Tik labs padoms! Apliecina, ka vislabākās un viscerīgākās ir visvienkāršākās domas - un apņemšanās. Lai veicas 31 dienas ceļojumā!

  3. Looking forward to checking out your life tips! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. I am stoked to have found a tractor blog! Thank you, Val!