Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 22: Imperfect

Today, I am inviting abundance by
accepting imperfect.

I got these kitty and puppy stickers on sale, and I'm thinking of using these stickers for address labels for my Christmas cards this year. No, they won't match. Nope, this pale pink and muddy mint - not Christmas colors. No, they're not my dream Christmas labels. But I'm thinking that addressing a few stickers now will maybe help me get the Christmas cards out on time this year. Imperfect, but it might just work. I'm starting to stockpile non-Christmassy stamps, too.

I received a card in the mail yesterday - a "real" envelope among the bills, with my friend's handwriting on it. Seeing it was such a treat; it made me so happy. Here's hoping that come December, an envelope with a "sad kitty face" address label might bring a friend a smile after a tough day.

Thank you for stopping by Pieliekamais!


  1. I love the sad kitty face :)
    And for some reason any stamp you use always looks festive to me. You all have some pretty great stamps over there on your side of the world!

    1. Oh my Friend, this comment made my evening! The stamps are no accident - I always ask to see the stamps before I buy and I'll ask for the prettiest ones. Yep, I get some looks sometimes, but it is so worth it because it turns out you notice! :) So happy! Thank you!