Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3: Hide Things (Yes, In Your Own Home)

For more abundance, create a secret stash of things you absolutely don't want to run out of. Usually I'm all about making do with what I have at home if it means I can skip going to the store at night (latviski: iztiksim ar to, kas ir). There are, however, a few non-negotiables:
coffee, coffee filters, milk, and, ahem, toilet paper.

The idea is to "hide" (from yourself) a few filters, a package of coffee, a roll of toilet paper, somewhere where it'll be logical to find it, but at the same time you shouldn't be able to see this stuff every day (since then you'll know you have it and you'll end up using this stash without creating a back-up plan). In the picture above, you can see a few coffee filters peaking out from a milk jug--they're almost next to my "regular stash" (far right).

Other items to consider for your secret stash: a ration or two of your dog's food (for your dog, obviously), some toothpaste, shampoo, and cotton pads for removing make-up.

Milk is probably the only item on this list that will make me put on shoes and go to the store (I love fresh milk in my morning cup of coffee too much).

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  1. Excellent tip. I definitely do that with toilet paper. If I don't hide a roll or two somewhere then we always end up running out before I buy more. It's silly how hiding these things works to have you not run out and then be scrambling but it totally does. I definitely need to start doing this with dog food though. Great suggestion.

  2. Yes, milk is the must but technologies have created this "long-term" milk these days. In Latvia it started with Lāse - and we still miss it, now being substituted by several other brands. This must be in my fridge ALWAYS; to be found after long business travel or just after series of superbusy work days when stopping by the grosery seems like the last thing one wants to do:)
    And now as autumn days have come - matches to light candles are another must!
    It all together makes your home cosy.

    1. Yes, candles and matches are a very cozy must :)

  3. Oh, brilliant idea about cotton pads. I always run out of these and use toilet paper and what not. Thanks, Frend!:)..

    1. :) I even bring my own cotton pads (and Q-tips) when I travel :))) It's the tiniest things for me, but when you've had a long day and just want to hit the hay, somehow that teeny feeling of "your regular" cotton pads right there in your toiletry bag, ahhh... :)