Monday, October 27, 2014

Day 27: Some Very Neat Feelings

Welcome to Day 27 of 31 Days to More Abundance! To read all the posts in this series, head here. Today's post was first published on September 28, 2013. For this post, I'm adding one new neat feeling at the end of this list, a feeling that makes me feel abundance in that way when you almost feel relief and well-being course through you whole body. Enjoy!
1. Settling in for a long drive
2. When you pick up your face cream and the jar feels heavy (=won't need to get a new one for a while)
3. Seeing that one of your favorite bloggers has posted again
4. Finding one more of something you thought you were out of
5. Putting on brand new dish-washing gloves
6. When you need to wrap a present in a hurry and you find you have everything you need on hand, and it's pretty
7. Seeing a bee gather honey from something you've planted
8. Being on time, a little early even
9. When your favorite magazine comes in the mail, and you discover that it's really thick this time
10. Slipping into clean sheets
11. When you recognize a moment that calls for kindness, and you choose to be kind
12. When you're in for the night

Happy Autumn!

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