Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: The Most Stylish Travel Accessory of All

The most stylish travel accessory of all is this -

Whether you're travelling to another country or another city, or between two errands, do drink water. Everything seems more abundant when you're well hydrated.

Be generous with yourself. If you get thirsty at the grocery store check-out lane, buy yourself some water. Don't wait until you get home; it's water, and you need it. You're smart and you'll find a way to recover the cost of a few bottles of water.

See you tomorrow for Day 6 of 31 Days to More Abundance!

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  1. You're a villain. I try to never buy bottled water. Now I've already thought a few times about this post while working and almost bought water each time. I'm certain I will next time the thought arises too.

    1. It's the only way to get some of my favorite people to drink water on the go. We're so lucky in Sweden to be able to drink tap water, so I almost always carry a bottle that I refill. Oh, and our supermarket has a free water fountain! They even provide you with little cups! I read in Cameron Diaz's book that water makes us think more clearly, and that makes us make better decisions.