Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thinking about Christmas

I love fall, and I intend to enjoy November to the fullest, but from this point on, I will also be thinking about Christmas.
I know that the weeks leading up to Christmas will be very busy. Maybe for the first time ever I am ready to let go of the idea that I'll have a cozy, perfect Christmas evening in the traditional sense. The way I'd want it to be, with lots of homemade food, rosols (Latvian potato salad that takes a while to make), opening presents, that magical Christmas coziness all bundled up in one super special evening:

There would be siera radziņi (Latvian cheese cookies), made by me, there would be my Red Berry Chocolate Cheesecake (made by me, of course). The floors would be gleaming. Any Christmas cards - displayed tastefully. Somewhere there would be a gigantic Christmas wreath, made by me, of course. There would be no "I don't know what to do with this" items around; all surfaces would be either bare or house elegant seasonal decorations. Mostly, there would be no me rushing around trying to get at least some of these things done, baking the cheesecake until one in the morning. Maybe this year, it's OK to let many of these things go if instead I can have more moments like this -
moments that take your breath away, moments when you feel and see wonder, moments when you feel new.
Don't get me wrong - I love the red and gold, and I love the malls with the beautiful decorations. I know I'll probably end up at least trying to accomplish most of the things on my "Magic Christmas" list. But Christmas Eve is one evening, and not everything needs to happen on that one night.

So I'll be thinking about how to create peace and joy realistically, where I am, as things are.

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  1. ..last year I read quite a lot about coming to terms with imperfections of Xmas, and the thing that felt amazing to me was that people did recount their favourite moments, but they were just that - moments, not extended bliss....and often outside of the prescripted scenario, e.g. the night before, when there is no pressure yet...Koroče, kad sanāk, tad sanāk!:).. Un bilde izcila.