Saturday, November 23, 2013


Izsaku visdziļāko līdzjūtību 21.novembra traģēdijā cietušo tuviniekiem.
Caur asarām arī tāda pateicība un lepnums par visiem tiem, kuri šobrīd ir klāt un palīdz. Ziņās lasīju, ka ir karsta tēja un pīrādziņi, ka ir autobuss, kurā sasildīties. var redzēt, kā ik pa sekundei aug atbalsts - tiešām esam kopā, tā liekas.

Something unthinkable happened in my Rīga this past Thursday night. The roof of a multi-storey supermarket building collapsed, causing the death of 54 people (at press time). The people who made it to the hospitals are injured badly.
Please think a warm thought, send a prayer to the families whose lives will never be the same again. Please join us in a moment of silence on Monday, November 25.
If you'd like to donate, is the biggest charity portal in Latvia. Giving through their site was easy. For more information in English, click on through here.

Thank you for stopping by Pieliekamais. Keeping the families affected by the tragedy of  21 November in our hearts.


  1. Our prayers go out to all the people who where affected and hurt because of the tragedy! I donated money through, that is a helping hand in this situation.
    Lets tell our loved ones what they mean to us!