Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I was going to publish a list of a few things that make me happy, things that I'm thankful for.
Then, a tragedy struck my country on November 21, and it changed and will continue to change so many things for so many families.
Since we're all somehow connected, today I'd like to ask you to please share what you love with someone.
Make a cup of tea for someone, ask your colleague if she'd like a piece of your pastry, tell the cook the soup was great today.
Let love and joy and warmth be like rings on the water. Know and believe that your smile, your kind word will reach someone far beyond what you could imagine.
So here is my list as it was before November 21 happened. I didn't edit out the "frivolous" things. So often it is the little things that give us that boost of energy; energy that lets us carry on with whatever we need to carry on with. Here are a few things on my list.
Besides the big things, I am also thankful for this:
  • coffee
  • the Internet
  • flowers
  • pretty magazines
  • hot, strong Earl Grey tea with milk
  • when there is good energy between people
  • that we have the ability to be inspired
  • those moments when you actually take action towards some improvement. And it doesn't matter that this first step is very imperfect, it doesn't matter that you feel "this is not at all what I though this would be like". You started. You took a step.
  • thick, fluffy towels
  • a good book
  • pictures
  • mushrooms, especially chantrelles, especially things like chantrelle tapenades
  • pasta
  • bookstores
  • that we can make each day new

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  1. thick fluffy towels are the best! I can't remember the last time I used one though. And I can't say I've ever experienced a chantrelle tapenades :(
    I love this post friend! Thank-you

  2. Good list. In fact small things matter most.