Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Walking and visiting gardens

I like walking. Not all walks are awesome; sometimes the scenery can be plain or just something you've seen many times over. It's still good to walk though, as your muscles get to work and it gets your blood pumping.
Sometimes, though, you think you're on a "nothing special" walk, and then you find this:
How very neat!
I also got to visit a garden recently that had a hothouse full of treasures.

I hope you see something beautiful today.

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  1. Cik SKAISTI!!!! patiešām iepriecināja ko tādu ieraudzīt. Gribētos, lai ir tāda pati opcija kā feisbukam - spiest LIKE, vai kaut ko spēcīgāku, jo katra bilde ir mākslas darbs (arī citas - piemēram, bietes man dikti patika). LIKE, LIKE, LIKE!:))