Saturday, January 10, 2015

Warm red beet salad with wheat berries

This red beet salad is part of my foodie resolution plan for 2015-  to respect and use up all food. Secretly I love it that this salad turned out so beautiful and fancy-looking (two people asked whether those were pomegranate seeds in the salad), and even fancy-sounding,
when all I tried to do was use up a bag of red beets that were about to wilt in the fridge.

This is what I did: I cooked the beets (unpeeled), and then the beets sat in the fridge for two days and nothing happened. I decided to fry up the beets (peeled) in some rapeseed oil (similar to canola oil, I think). I chose rapeseed oil over olive oil for the nuttier, richer taste of the former.

If you've ever eaten just fried up red beets, you'll know that it is not a very filling meal in itself. So I started looking for some carbs, and found a can of wheat berries. Canned wheat berries is one of my best culinary finds of last year. I drained and rinsed the wheat berries and added them to the pan, and lowered the heat. 

Then I remembered that I have a tetra of cooked big white beans, so in they went. And since one of the food items that I often throw out is wilted herbs, I decided to go ahead and chop up the whole package of dill that was sitting in the fridge.

I added a little lemon juice, and the final pieces of blue cheese that were also drying up in the fridge, and this turned  out to be one of the loveliest, and prettiest dishes of this year so far. It was also very filling.

There you have it! Now go look in your fridge/freezer/pantry to see what you can create today. And deciding that you'll make do with what you have at home, so no need to venture out to the store today, isn't that one of the neatest feelings ever?

Cozy weekend, everyone! It's snowing and so beautiful outside.

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  1. i love this! you're a food rock star... okay that sounds silly. i'm sticking with it though. go you!!!