Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My 3 Foodie New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Here are my foodie New Year's resolutions for this year:
1. Utilize all food. What this really means is "stop throwing food away". A very popular statistic in Sweden states that every fourth bag of groceries gets thrown out. I'd like to hope that I am not that bad, but I do let some food go to waste. So the idea is to use up everything. I have a few specific ideas of how I'm going to do that. Below is a recent utilization attempt:
I had some button mushrooms that had almost started to wilt/mold in the fridge that I fried up in butter. I added some cooked carrots and chicken fillets left over from rosols (Latvian potato salad). I mixed in some cooked pasta with a feta-cheese like mix, and some sauteed fennel. And I also added some leftover salmon. This mix of "leftovers" was SO good, and so filling.

2. Make one new salty and one new sweet recipe each month.
By new I mean really take a new recipe and follow through. Perhaps a chance to crack open those cookbooks I've bought, but haven't really used.

3. Most importantly, have fun in the kitchen! I love the picture below:
I'd love to learn how to knock out "gourmet"-sounding dishes like chicken cordon bleu and the like, but most of all I would like to have this much fun in the kitchen.
Photo source: buzzfeed

We're going to have quarterly updates on these goals, so if you'd like to do this project with me (any one of the three goals, or all of them), the goal is to have the first update at the end of March.

So summarize: respect food, innovation, and fun!

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  1. Um, totally doing these goals with you! Great goals and they will be fun goals and productive!
    (I'm excited about the basement too)

    1. It just hit me that I will soon have to follow through on the "make one new thing, sweet and salty" goal :)))
      So happy we'll be doing this!

  2. 3 reasonable goals. Sound almost doable:) I will think. In case something will happen will share:) Thanks for ideas!