Thursday, November 20, 2014

A walk in the woods

An update on what's going on in the woods at this time of year:
it is still relatively warm out (but do layer!). I tasted a lingonberry - it looked and tasted soggy. I saw some blueberries too, but I figured they'd be soggy also. Then I discovered this -
a tree stump covered in very apricot-yellow mushrooms (fungi), brighter than chanterelles. The above picture is to show the surrounding flora and general conditions. Here is a closer look:
What's interesting is that the mushrooms seem to start out from a kind of "sprinkling", see below:
like a pinch of course sea salt or something on a chopping block, and from there on it turns into the bigger mushrooms. As you can see, the mushroom is growing both on the stump and between the layer of bark surrounding the stump.
The bright color just stood out between all the greys and browns, and the greens. It would be very neat to take a similar walk with a biologist. Why that particular stump, "out of nowhere"?

Where will you notice nature today?

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