Saturday, November 1, 2014

31 Days: Celebrate!

Hello, and welcome! Please join me in celebrating the close of this 31 day writing project, 31 Days to More Abundance.
Some notes -

The hardest part
The hardest part was letting go of my original plan. The willingness to make peace with the fact that a post will end up nothing like I had imagined was what helped me the most to get a post out every day.
Once I hit "publish", I was usually too tired to reply thoughtfully and "properly" to comments from you, my lovely readers, and that's one thing that I did not like.
I also had to let go of reading other 31-dayers "properly". Some days, I just took a quick glimpse at two or three other 31 day writers, but didn't read the entire post. That was the biggest difference from when I was "just" a reader of 31 days. As a reader, I could not get enough of my favorite bloggers' posts. This time, when I was one of the writers, I appreciated brevity.
Practical tip for next time: keep it short!

The most fun part
The most fun part is right now, when the project is done and I have this experience under my belt.
Practical tip for next time: enjoy the journey more!

The most surprising part
During this month of October, many things happened. Not a time to continue with a blog project, right? Wrong! The most surprising part about this challenge was that it gave me a constant. A feeling of "I've got this". This is something that I never expected. Thank you. I am grateful.
Practical tip for next time: Trust that something new will come out of going through a process and sticking with it.
Another plus
Another gain of this project is that I found two very neat series and actually learned something new: I read Amanda Bacon's 31 day series on Alaska (ever wondered what "termination dust" is?), and I also found what must be one of the coolest 31 day topics ever, "31 days from a tractor seat". I did not know that there are girl farmers who bring their kids in the tractor with them during harvest time. I am amazed and humbled, and thank you, Val, I really learned from your posts.
Practical tip for  next time: good graphics do sell. I clicked through to Amanda & Val's blogs because they had cool "buttons".

I'd like to thank the Nester for creating this tradition of writing for 31 days in October.

Thank you for following along!

You can read the entire series, 31 Days to More Abundance, here.

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  1. Malacīte, you made it un prieka bija vairāk kā cerēts. Tas ir tas, kas paliks ar tevi uz visiem laikiem. Apsveicu!