Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Year at Pieliekamais: A round-up of 2014

In honor of 2014, and some of the lessons that this past year has brought me, here's a Top 10 of 2014:
10. A tool you can use -
this year, Pieliekamais got a bit more user-friendly with the addition of the "search" function (you'll find it at the top of the page, below the Pieliekamais heading). Use it to search Pieliekamais for content. Thank you to my sister for the idea!

9. The most popular post at Pieliekamais continues to be
the oven-baked salmon. This salmon is one of my favorite dishes to make, and it comes out great every single time. I've recently experimented with lowering the oven temp to 175C and having the salmon fillets in for 20 minutes, and that also works out great.

8. One of the most fun recipes I've tried this year is
the "dirt and worm dessert." I experience a very happy sense of satisfaction when I look at this picture, because it cracks me up. Smiley.

7. The most ambitious project here at Pieliekamais this year has been
blogging for 31 days straight - joining The Nester's 31 Day Writing Challenge. My topic was 31 Days to More Abundance. In this post, which also contains all 31 parts of my series, I share the lessons learned, and a few surprises.

6. I'm the most pleased that I tried this recipe in 2014:

the nettle soup. I love that I can go to the woods close by and pick some nettles that moose and deer mamas and their calves (occasionally) trample on. Nettles in soup taste excellent, the leaves are meaty, like spinach. And there is no stinging.

5. Speaking of woods, I've been very happy that I could share some of
the goings on of the local forests. I learned from a friend that there are people in, for example, Paris, who miss being out in the woods and in nature. If I can bring you guys some fresh air from Sweden via Pieliekamais, that makes me very happy. I am so very grateful to have all this bounty almost on my doorstep.

4. What would the great outdoors be without animals -
here are some happy sheep. I wish for you, my reader, to connect with some being every day.

3. One of the best things in life is

moviesHere's a list of five very cozy ones, perfect for winter-, and most other, evenings.
Photo credit:

2. Pretty pictures - I was very pleased with how the photos for this carrot cake turned out:
And yes, I selected the flowers for my garden this year 90 percent based on how the flowers would photograph.

1. When in doubt, do dishes. Cooking is also almost always a good idea.
To you, my reader - thank you for being here this year! I hope you too are excited about a brand new year, a new leaf, a fresh start, a new beginning. Tomorrow morning, many things will be the same, but some things will be different. It is a new year.

For last year's Top 10 on Pieliekamais, head here (the post is in Latvian).

Also, for anyone who needs permission to change into pajamas and snuggle up on the sofa with a good DVD box - this is it. Happy New Year!

Thank you for stopping by Pieliekamais! See you next year!


  1. Happy New Year friend!

    (great review too! I still love the sheep photo so much!!!)

    1. Thank you!:) Happy New Year! I love black sheep:)

  2. Nupat dzirdēju domu, ka šonedēļ vajagot izdomāt, kas mums katram būs tas burkāns, kas palīdzēs tik cauri tumsai un aukstumam un visam, kas saistās ar ziemu, un vispār mudina dzīvē virzīties uz priekšu. Tavi top 10 atgādina, par ko varam būt pateicīgi un ko vēl var vēlēties. Paldies!

    1. Bet ko lai es daru, ja man tiehsi ziema ar aukstumu ir burkaans? :)))) Paldies!