Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fourth Advent 2014: Eat

Updated with pictures of Mr.Wasp and a couple of closing paragraphs, on December 25, 2014:
Eat. Eat for energy, eat for nutrition, eat for grace under pressure. If you have only so much of a certain resource this Christmas, be it time, energy, or money, spend it to nourish yourself.
It is my intention to update this post with a picture of Mr.Wasp enjoying some honey (yes, he's still alive).
Here's an update on Mr.Wasp:
Can you tame a wasp? Maybe!
Mr.(or Ms.) Wasp woke up the other day and started buzzing around the place. I gave him some honey again (see the above two pictures) which he enjoyed for about a minute. Then he started buzzing around again.
He tried to knock himself against the window and he was buzzing so loudly that I cracked the window open to show him how cold it was out. The cold air made Mr.Wasp come to his senses and he promptly crawled in a warm space in the windowsill, right above a heater (radiators).
We repeated the "I'll show you how cold it is outside if you don't stop buzzing" one more time, and again, Mr.Wasp buzzed off to someplace warm (I'm guessing, because he got quiet and disappeared). This happened a week ago and I haven't sighted Mr.Wasp since. I checked the windowsill this morning, but he wasn't there. We'll see if Mr.Wasp buzzes out again at some point.
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  1. Mīļo Frend, sirsnīgākie sveicieni - ceru, ka esi sevi pabarojusi vairākos sev extra svarīgos veidos! hagi perehagi, IL

  2. I hadn't noticed the photo update before now.
    Splendid! Truly!

    I've never known anyone to feed a wasp. You are a very special individual :) and what a neat experiment of sorts too.

    1. I do hope I did not cause him suffering by feeding him at a time when maybe he shouldn't even be alive. Who knows where he is now and what he's thinking :)