Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tomato berries

My friend over at $12 a day inspired me to talk tomatoes. This is a recent harvest from my two Vilma cherry tomatoes:
look at those little guys, they are about the size of a large bilberry ("blueberry"/blåbär here in Sweden). They tasted just like my other Vilma tomatoes.

I am also thinking that I might take a break from tomato growing next year. This is the first year that I really tried to make the balcony more person-friendly. Usually it's plants all over the place. This year, I've actually sat out on the balcony, a good ten times, maybe even more.
Normally, the large tomato pots would get the best spot on the balcony. This year, I wanted some bare surfaces to, you know, be able to sit down. So the tomato plants got put in the corner, and not the sunniest one.
I will tell you what is very neat, though. When I wander on the balcony with a cheese sandwich in hand, to just be able to pluck a few tomatoes off the vine and eat them.
So, space and aesthetics vs. homegrown miracle, the kind you can see and eat. To be continued.

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  1. Those are beautiful!!! A few of my tomatoes have met with tragedy. The neighbors in back of me are growing tomatoes also. They are a different kind than the ones I am growing and they have TONS more fruit on their bushes but their tomatoes are much paler than mine. Anyway, there have been two tents of boys camping out in their backyard and last night the boys picked the neighbors tomatoes and were throwing them into our yard. I woke up to green tomatoes all over our yard (and a few almost ripe ones as well). Some of the tomato bombs knocked some of my tomatoes off the plants too. I'm pretty angry. First that they would be so inconsiderate as to throw their grandparents tomatoes all over my yard and ruin perfectly good fruit and second that they harmed my plants. grr

    (thanks for the mention my friend)

    1. Aww... But "... tomatoes have met with tragedy", that cracks me up :))) You're funny.

  2. Looks so beautiful, tastes good - all reasons to have them next year as well. I may get encouraged too :)

    1. Oh, please don't encourage ME in this arena! :DD
      I saw an article in the paper on how to source your own tomato seeds. Do I really need another project? :)))