Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Early autumn inspiration from Stockholm

I have a treat for you - a few of the lovely things I saw in Stockholm yesterday:
- love the eucaliptus branches in this!
Turns out the big Swedish department store Åhlens is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. There was a whole new label dedicated to the anniversary, including leather bags, wallets, boxes, and many other items. I really liked this vase with the eucalyptus branches. Isn't the color combination fantastic? The pink gold of the copper-plated lid (heavy and lovely) and the blue-green-grey coolness of the eucalyptus leaves - together, these colors are striking.
Side note:  If you are looking for one extremely photogenic plant/flower, eucalyptus is it.
On the next block of Drottninggatan, at H&M Home,  I was happiest about this -
H&M now have a whole line of candles in pretty colored glass jars that are unscented! I loved this pink one (the glass is pink, the actual candle inside is white). For some glitter, let's add in this -
a sequined pillowcase. And then, I loved these plush dove grey towels with the hexagon pattern. So cozy.
Another lovely discovery was a small designer store at the heart of Stockholm's Old Town. This is what caught my attention:
I first noticed this idea two summers ago at a boutique in Örebro (a city in "mid-Sweden") -
some wildflowers in a large glass jar. No "bouquet", just a few stems of wildflowers or grasses in a clear glass jar, with just a few inches of water.
Who would have thought that such a simple idea would be such a show-stopper? Simple, elegant, and absolutely stunning.
The wildflowers in glass jars that caught my attention on the side of the street in Gamla stan (Old Town) Stockholm turned out to be the storefront of
the shop and showroom of Happy sthlm, a design company founded by three Swedish artists.
Some happy mini purses in "I want to scoop you up and cuddle you, and play with you" happy prints.
"Applied arts", this is the first time I truly understood what this concept means.

Latviski - beidzot sapratu, ko īsti nozīmē temins "lietišķā māksla". Izrādās, ka lietišķā māksla ir skaista, praktiska, ikdienas, un izrādās, ka I love it. Es ceru, ka kāds kādreiz gūglēs "kas ir lietišķā māksla", nonāks pie šī ieraksta un, tāpat, kā es, atklās, ka īstenībā mēs jau sen zinam, kas tas ir.

Loved the "Autumn 2014" scrawled in pencil on the wall, below:
The green of the dill, and the dark chocolate-y reddish brown of the other grass, the maroon fabric in the background - I am so ready for autumn and all this beauty.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Paldies par superīgo pastaigu - pa Stokholmu, tās veikaliem, dizaina un mākslas satikšanās vietām. Labi iederas saulainā sestdienas pēcpusdienā.