Monday, August 31, 2015

Last day of August

It's such a beautiful, delicious time of year. This year, the leaves have  not started to turn yet. I look at the maple tree outside, still so dark green, and think, it's only a matter of days now, and before long I'll be looking out at its leaves all golden, shimmering with morning frost, magic.
This is that time of year when it's not unusual to get stuck driving slowly behind a tractor. Almost every day you can see a tractor or some other big harvest machine out in the fields, working, and it makes me so happy to somehow be in the middle of it, even if I'm just driving along a field.
The colors and textures in the picture above make me wish for a second that I could create a room in those colors, with such plush and fluffy pillows, some reddish-brown fabrics, some muted purple that meets dark green like the thistle heads. There is so much beauty to take in right now. The fields are so golden, and along those golden edges, there are such beautiful pops of color.
August nature, you've been beautiful.