Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thrifting score

A lovely afternoon yesterday at Lata Pigan ("The Lazy Maid"), a flea market with an amazing collection of vintage fabrics. Also, very exciting, I found a round mirror for my "office"! More on the mirror below, first some beautiful patterns.
Just like last year, seeing all this pretty fabric at Lata Pigan I was thinking, I'm kind of glad I don't know how to sew, otherwise I would be tempted to get so many of these beauties. 
The idea is that one day, I will learn to use a sewing machine, but until then, I will put my time and energy into more pressing projects. So, I practiced discipline (while still having a lot of fun admiring these beautiful prints).
Look at this round coffee table, and its seamless, flow-y looking legs!
Here's a piece of the top surface (I didn't think to clear the table off to take a picture, but you still get an idea of what the table top looks like) -
For the right room, this coffee table would be so gorgeous, right?
And now, are you ready? I found a large-ish round mirror that will be a little DIY project! I've been pinning rooms with a large, round mirror for a while now, and I know exactly where I want this mirror - in my little "office", above the dresser.
The frame of this mirror is plastic, and I'm planning to paint the frame either very dark brown (like the dresser the mirror is propped against), or maybe a gold-ish "champagne" color. I'm thinking maybe spray paint it, or paint it with a brush, depending on what paint color I find. So excited!
I paid 200 SEK (approx.21 EUR / $23) for the mirror. The frame has one crack, but I figure it will be easy to fix. The mirror itself seems to be in very good condition. For 200 crowns, I think it's a great deal for this size.
I went through the pictures from my trip to Lata Pigan last year, and look who it is hanging on the wall - my mirror!
See, it's a good size. This idea will work.

Here is last year's trip to Lata Pigan. The post is mostly in Latvian, but there are pictures.


  1. I vote champagne gold color for the mirror! I LOVE it. What an awesome find!!! And all that fabric is real neat too. Sounds like you had a fun time there.

    p.s. How in the world do I keep missing posts from you?!?! I never saw this one either (I saw the last one you posted, the one after this)

    1. Thank you! I did a test run with spray paint and decided that I will use regular paint after all. We'll see what happens :)