Monday, July 13, 2015

Looking up: Latvia trip, July 2015

One of the best life tips I've ever heard that's actually stuck with me is
"look up!".
It was a tip on how to quickly regain balance when you're feeling challenged, and it's part of being in the moment and being mindful. "When it's hard, look up! Take a look at what is up there. Are there clouds? If you're inside, what's the ceiling made of?"
I now look up out of curiosity. I look up because it's neat. You notice a lot more. These are some of my favorite "look up!" (or "look around! Take it all in!") moments form my Latvia trip.

Here is another Latvia trip, to the Slow Mile beach at the Kemeri National Park.


  1. I used to "look up" ALL the time when I was in class at school. I'd count the ceiling tiles. I'd drawn the ceiling tiles. I'd try to turn the flat ceiling tiles three dimensional by blurring my eyes while staring at them. You've just reminded me of that. Great post my friend (I've read through it three times now) and I love all the photos!