Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Air Pockets Worked!

Remember my tulip-bulb insulation project back in December? Today, when I removed the top insulation packs to take a peek, I found tulip sprouts in two of the three pots! The air pockets worked! I am so happy. The only pot where there were no sprouts (yet?) was the clay one, which was exposed to the elements the most. Instead of taking pictures of the tulip sprouts, I went to the woods where I saw the first butterfly (yellow), a ladybug, and the first hepatica flowers of this year.
I didn't expect to find these little beauties for another month! And how happy am I that our friend the sweet-natured spaniel decided to join us on our trek (that's his paw in the picture). He was saying, "OK, what are we excited about here?"
I checked the weather prognosis, and it doesn't seem like we'll get minus degrees (C) for a couple of nights, so I left the flowerpots on the balcony uncovered. Imagine if I'm really going to get blooming tulips on my balcony?
Spring is here :).
Oh, I also ordered some seeds! Will share when the package gets here.

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  1. 1. YAY for your tulips!!!
    2. Oh. my. goodness! Look at that BEAUTIFUL lady bug. awe
    3. Those little purple flowers...
    4. Such great photos that made me smile so, SO, so, SOOOO much!