Saturday, June 28, 2014

Barcelona, part 2

In continuing with the "Love is a circle" theme - I experienced such style cohesion in Barcelona. I saw circles everywhere.
Five circular windows in a flower pattern in a dome, a building near Arc de Triomf. I continued up Passeig de Sant Joan towards Diagonal, and there was so much to see. Many buildings had very elaborate architectural elements, but there were also very simple, clean, and elegant lines like the stone circle detail below:
I saw this modern appartment building (below) near Sagrada Familia. Who thinks of circular windows like this? So very neat. Unique, but the building also blends in so well with the creams and greys of the other facades of the street.
This (below) was the pattern of many sidewalks in Barcelona:
Like a fantastic museum, the city also tells you what this pattern is called, by embedding the name here and there in other parts of the pavement: 
The flower pattern is called ruta del modernisme. Notice how this flower above has more detail where the half-circles join the center. This to me is very art-noveau, as it adds movement.
The ruta del modernisme flower pattern reminded me very much of the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern detail - the light circle with the dark flower in the middle (also reversed, dark flower in a light circle):

Fashion side note: in Barcelona, most of the big designer stores, including Louis Vouitton, are located on Passeig de Gracia. At the Prada store, there was a glassed-in mini courtyard incorporated into the store, and I regret not asking if I could snap a quick picture.

Back to flowers and circles, I saw this tiny pink Mulberry bag in my GLAMOUR magazine (US edition), and look at the flower lock - so very neat.
Can you imagne having that little flower bag slung across your shoulder as you dash over the rutas del modernisme to some fabulous dinner in Barcelona? Or anywhere else, really, as long as you're feeling light, happy, and thankful?
The little beauty that I did have with me, though, was this:
I bought this H&M champagne pink handbag with gold-colored zippers last year on sale for about a 150 crowns, I think (about 16 EUR) and pinned a fabric flower (also H&M) to the outer pocket. And I threw this bag over my shoulder all right as I tried to see and experience as much of Barcelona as I could. With so much beauty around me, the feeling I took away from Barcelona is this: light, happy, and thankful.

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